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To preserve personnel rights by providing fair and equal means for working conditions and development for all Graniser A.Ş. personnel.

To develop a willing and desirable working environment for maintaining a dynamic human resources structure, in Graniser A.Ş.

To develop the groundwork of personnel organization to ensure the realization of Graniser A.Ş.’s Vision and long term targets.

To hire high quality personnel, fitting into working personnel profile, to work for development of salaries and social rights and benefits of this personnel.

To aid, reward and educate the successful personnel and providing means to increase their knowledge and experience.

To establish and enhance an information system to ensure all personnel to be informed regarding related information on time.

To train own personnel especially for higher positions within the company.

To establish a constructive and conscious working order, in accordance with companies managerial and working rules, with in positive behavior discipline.

To settle and enhance the working discipline, attitude, behavior and responsibility of the personnel in accordance with the needs of their tasks.

To determine success standards in order to continuously measure and consider the efficiency, success and contribution to company targets of personnel.

To take necessary precautions for personnel education and development applications as considering them a key element for company success increasing quality of sales, marketing, production and services.

To expect a respectful behavior from personnel against company prestige, physical and moral values.

To ensure that personnel has an attitude of love and respect based behavior against each other and preserve moral values of both company and country.

To give importance of health conditions, paying attention on both physical and psychological health of personnel.

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