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Graniser will create 500 jobs with new investments.


Graniser who makes 50 million USD exportation to Israel, USA and CANADIAN markets, will make 2 new investments and create 500 new jobs while increasing exportation ratio to 65% in total turnover.

Graniser who has around 400 products and make 52% of its turnover from exportation has declared targets for next year. General Manager Erol Hacıoğlu has declared that last year Graniser has made 21 million USD in the first half and 42 million USD of exportation annually, company has performed 10% annual increase this year and stated that “We have two new plans for upcoming period. First of all we will increase the capacity by 2.8 million square meters with a 9 million Euro new investment. This way we will export 65% of the new capacity and increase the total export turnover to 62 to 65 million USD by creating this 14 million USD additions to exportation turnover.”

Creating new jobs with new investments!

“We currently have 900 employees. With new investment we will create 200 new jobs. After that we will make another new investment of 25 million Euros. This investment will finish in next 2,5 to 3 years and we will enter a new market of shopping center and governmental building constructions which were markets we have never entered before, with suitable types of ceramics we will be producing. 30% of domestic market is currently consists of ceramics suitable for this type of big constructions. We want to get a share from this 30% with our new investment. This new investment will allow us to create 300 more jobs. This way we will be creating total of 500 new jobs by the end of next 3 years.”

Market will shrink in 10 years

Hacıoğlu has also stated regarding domestic market and said that “Currently there is 3 square meters of consumption in Turkey. With new houses this will rise to 4. But within 10 years, renovations will finish and consumption will fall back to 1 square meter range and domestic market will shrink”

“If USA stops using carpet, there will be a 600 million square meter of new market.”
“USA is the second biggest market in the world with 300 million populations. Right now ceramic consumption per person is 0,7 square meter. USA mainly uses carpet for flooring but due to its hygienic situation, it’s being questioned. If carpet usage in USA decreases and consumption of ceramic tiles rise to 2 square meters per person, there will be a 600 million square meter of new market. Currently USA produces 70 million square meters of ceramics and imports remaining 130 million. If this market turns to ceramics, a great potential will be revealed.” He concluded.

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