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Graniser is 3rd of Ceramic Tile Exporters


Sustaining its success over the last years Graniser Seramik, among top 1000 exporters in 2014, keeps its stand as the 3rd biggest ceramic tile exporter for the last 3 years.

The General Manager of Graniser Mr. Erol Hacıoglu underlines that they progress in a strong and stable way in terms of their aim that is “sustainable growing and becoming a market leader”; he also adds, “I am proud of being a part of this most important report with other firms that added a value to economics and we are so happy to be the part of this growth”.

Hacıoğlu also indicates that their current export is about 55% in total sales turnover; “This percentage is the highest one through the factories in Turkey. We are aiming to increase our export value to 65 million dollars by producing 65% or 70% export products as we planned to initiate 2.8 million sqm glazed porcelain investment in second half of 2016”. 

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